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Honco, the leader in pre-engineered steel buildings

Honco designs, manufactures and installs pre-engineered steel buildings

We build industrial, commercial and recreational self-supporting pre-engineered steel buildings. We are also a North American leader in the construction of arena and indoor soccer buildings. By offering under the same roof services such as design, manufacturing and installation of our pre-engineered steel buildings, Honco makes sure its customers get:

  • a personalized approach,
  • a strict quality control,
  • a project carried out without middlemen,
  • a building conform to requirements and needs,
  • a fast delivery delay,
  • a better coordination in all construction stages


Steel structures for industrial, commercial and recreative buildings

Honco's team has shown over the years its know-how lead by taking various challenges in the commercial, industrial and recreational construction field. Our will to surpass ourselves brought us to complete a multitude of construction projects of any scale in Canada, the United States and on three other continents..   |  418-831-2245  
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